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Seven Statistical Consulting

About Us

Founded in August 2020 and rooted in Alberta, Canada, Select Statistical Consulting has swiftly established its footprint as a distinguished statistical consultancy in the Canadian landscape. Our team comprises seasoned professionals who don't merely rely on their substantial expertise but harness cutting-edge statistical methodologies to guide researchers in shaping compelling narratives from their data.

A significant proportion of our consultants hold master's or PhD degrees from top-tier universities. This educational pedigree, combined with our extensive hands-on experience, positions us uniquely to delve into any dataset, no matter its complexity, and extract meaningful insights across a wide array of research domains.

At Select Statistical Consulting, we champion a philosophy that moves beyond the outdated 'one-size-fits-all' methodology. In today's multifaceted research landscape, we recognize the importance of bespoke solutions. Hence, we prioritize building a synergistic relationship with our clients, ensuring our analytical strategies are finely tuned to their individual objectives and challenges.


At Select Statistical Consulting, our mission is to empower decisions with precision. We turn complex data into clear insights, empowering clients to navigate their challenges and seize opportunities with confidence. Through meticulous analysis, we bridge the gap between data and outcomes.


At Select Statistical Consulting, we envision a world where complex data seamlessly transforms into strategic insights. We aspire to be the beacon of clarity in the vast ocean of numbers, guiding businesses and researchers towards decisions that are evidence-led and future-focused. Through advanced statistical methodologies and unwavering dedication, we strive to shape an era where every challenge is met with data-driven confidence and every opportunity is maximized with informed precision.


By embracing the following values, we strive to transform the complex world of data into tangible strategies and actionable insights for all our clients.

Precision and Accuracy: Every dataset we touch is analyzed with exactitude, ensuring insights that are both robust and reliable.

Integrity in Analysis: We pledge to uphold the highest ethical standards, maintaining transparency and honesty in every statistical interpretation and recommendation.

Client Collaboration: We do not just work for our clients, we work with them. Engaging closely ensures that our analysis aligns perfectly with their objectives and goals.

Continuous Learning: The world of statistics is ever-evolving. We remain at the forefront, continually updating our skills and methodologies to serve our clients with the latest in data analysis.

Innovation in Approach: While we respect traditional methods, we are unafraid to break molds, constantly seeking fresh and inventive ways to interpret and present data.

Confidentiality: Respecting and securing our clients' data is non-negotiable. We implement stringent measures to ensure data privacy.

Empowerment through Education: Beyond providing insights, we take pride in helping our clients understand them, ensuring they feel confident in every data-driven decision.

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