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Seven Statistical Consulting


Survey Design

Expert guidance in designing meticulous surveys to ensure reliable, objective, and insightful data collection for diverse research needs. Learn more

Data Cleaning

Support in database structuring, data cleaning and coding, along with quality assurance procedures to guarantee data precision and completeness. Learn more

Data Visualization

Producing a diverse array of data visualizations, including histograms, scatter and line plots, bar graphs, dot charts, and pie charts, to present research findings. Learn more

Data Analysis

Professional team in transforming complex datasets into clear, actionable insights using top-tier data analysis techniques. Learn more

Statistical Modelling

Expert in developing advanced statistical models to unravel intricate data trends and generate meaningful conclusions. Learn more

Hypothesis Testing

Specialized expertise in hypothesis testing, aiding clients in validating assumptions and drawing evidence-based conclusions from data. Learn more

Statistical Reporting

Experts in writing professional statistical reports to ensure data integrity and provides a clear pathway for informed, evidence-based decisions. Learn more

Statistical Programming

Experienced in Stata software, we possess the capability to design and run customized programming code, ensuring that analyses are conducted efficiently and accurately. Learn more

Training and Workshops

Tailored training and workshops, designed to equip professionals with the expertise to harness the full potential of data-driven decision-making. Learn more

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